Mossy Oak Camo Bifold Wallet Ultra-Thin with Clever Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

$ 29.99

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Product description

Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Nylon bi-fold with clever money clip is ultra-thin and easy to carry. From Weber's Casual Series the wallet is made of faux leather/nylon in Mossy Oak Break Up camo for a great product at a nice price. Comes with 6 credit card slots, unique in-the-fold two position clever clip for bills, and compact design is ultra thin. Each wallet comes with a little Psalm 23 prayer card tucked in the package.

  • 100% Nylon
  • Camo Nylon Bi-Fold Wallet with Clever Clip
  • Six credit card slots
  • Unique in-the-fold, two-position Clever Clip for bills
  • Durable, ultralight construction

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