As a plus size country girl and business owner, I was frustrated looking for feminine camo that actually fit.  Realtree Girl and most of Wilderness Dreams and Muddy Girl are juniors sizing.  Cabela's Brand 2X fits like about 1X or 2X, but Legendary Whitetails 2X was really tight.  Here are a few "gems" we found in girlie camo that actually fit our plus size product testers who range between 5'5" and 5'8" tall, 200-220 pounds, and bust/waist 46-49" approximately. 

1.  Realtree Pink Classic Cotton Tshirt - 2X

2.  Wilderness Dreams Burnout Tshirts - you may want to wear a cami under them, but they have a very high neck and run oversized so the 2X actually fits like a 2X - the stock photos make them look like a scoop neck, but it actually is a very high neck as you can see in the first photo with our model Cindy in the white pants. (I personally took a pair of scissors and slit the neck into a raw v-neck for comfort) -- because its 50% cotton and 50% polyester it is really comfy in hot weather

3.  Wilderness Dreams Active Wear Jacket -- this runs oversized and is lightweight, soft and stretchy with thumb holes.  The matching pants fit like size XL (even though marked XXL) but the jacket actually fits like 2X.